5 de octubre de 2017

Learn Spanish 2.1 lessons beginners

Learn Spanish 2.1 

with free online lessons for beginners

Online lessons with audio, vocabulary, grammar explanations and exercises.

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On the following videos you'll find a basic Spanish 2.1 course for beginners, covering most everyday situations, so that you can hear Spanish spoken and get the chance to practise your accent.

Spanish is spoken by 580 million people around the world, as a mother tongue or foreign language.

This online Spanish course will teach non-native speakers how to deal with simple information and communicate in everyday situations. Videos will help you learn not only about the Spanish language, but also about the cultures of the fascinating destinations across the Americas.

You will also have the opportunity to comment and interact with other learners from all over the world.

Join us on a journey across the Americas and learn the basics of the Spanish 2.1 language as you discover Latin American culture.

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